Reveal the true picture of digital engagement
to boost sales and increase loyalty

Combine real-time interaction, performance, revenue and feedback data to provide the most complete picture of customer behaviour and remove conversion obstacles.

Perfect your Digital Experience with UserReplay

Delighting customers is critical today—you can’t ignore it. If customers have a challenge with your experience, they’ll quickly leave for a competitor.

Michael Brady, CIO at Market America
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The UserReplay Platform

UserReplay analyses high-fidelity information about customers as they interact, alerting teams to issues as they happen. It provides the data insights to inspire great decisions.

To get a true picture of customer behaviour, you need to validate insights across multiple data sources. UserReplay combines the widest set of real-time customer interaction, performance, revenue, CX Score and feedback data in a single solution. It uses AI to automatically surface issues and insights across all of these data sources.


Smart alerting provides fine grained reporting of issues and trends to ensure individuals and teams receive the information they need.


Fully customizable dashboards give every team access to the critical customer data they need to improve your digital experience.


Identify key blockers to conversion on your site automatically. UserReplay tells you exactly where customers are struggling.


Collect feedback from your customers directly through UserReplay. See how much revenue is being lost by specific customer issues.

Built for High Performing Teams

UserReplay is the most flexible digital experience analytics solution on the market, ensuring every team member receives dynamic data that fits their individual business context.

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