15,000,000,000 cX JOURNEYS improved

Identify and act on customer experience issues in realtime, at scale.

Don’t just discover lost revenue, prevent it. UserReplay’s market-leading AI identifies and alerts your relevant team before revenue is lost through bad customer experience.

Take action instantly

UserReplay allows your teams to take action before revenue is lost, based on realtime alerts.


First value in hours

Add the UserReplay code snippet to your website. Start collecting billions of customer data points.


Every single user session. Complete with scroll, clicks, mouse moves, characters typed, steps, HQ recordings and comprehensive technical data.


All form and funnel conversions, page content, text and HTML, and custom variables are immediately tracked and indexed in real time.


Make sense of data at scale

UserReplay helps you make sense of this data at scale. Our proprietary AI is always learning and segments opportunities and risk for you.


[AI] Your own weighted custom Customer Experience Score made up of customer struggle and success.


Struggling customers. Users rage clicking and repeating journeys are identified.


[AI] Propensity to Convert. Identify segments that should've converted but didn't with 95% accuracy.


Trending new product searches and landing pages automatically segmented.


Stop lost revenue, don't just discover it

Empower and alert every single member of your digital teams with personalized and realtime revenue-at-risk alerts on their platform of choice.


When conversion drops on mobile devices, alert your CRO and marketing teams.


When your personalized CX Score decreases alert your Head of Ecommerce, and Customer Service teams.


When new broken links are identified alert your category manager and development teams.


When search terms are trending alert your marketing and category manager teams.

Plus… high fidelity session replay exactly when you need it


Pixel perfect and actionable session replay

See exactly what your customers saw with our pixel perfect session replay. Every click. Every scroll. Every mouse move. Every character typed.


View tech data like POST, URL Paramaters, Headers, Browser Information and more.


See a simple breakdown of every step the user took in the session.


Generate a secure shareable link for any session.


Leave notes on sessions and collaborate with others.

And… alert the right person, at the right time, on the right platform (prioritized by revenue at risk)

The critical data that high-performance digital teams need

made for

High converting ecommerce teams

Identify and fix conversion issues in hours not months. AI-segmented screen recordings, and real-time alerts.

For ecommerce ->

made for

Customer Service teams that want to delight

The data you need to delight. Replay customer interactions at the point of frustration.

For customer service teams ->

made for

Uptime-obsessed IT & Risk teams

Our always-on platform immediately alerts you of IT and compliance issues. Before they become a problem.

For IT and risk teams ->

"Once you have the ability to extract the type of information UserReplay provides, you can’t live without it."

Brad Schneider
Director of Application Development, The Container Store

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