BT Shop is the online consumer retail arm of BT, the UK’s largest telecoms company.


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BT Shop is the online consumer retail arm of BT, the UK’s largest telecoms company. As well as being the number one destination for BT branded products, the retailer also ranges the latest technology products from some of the world’s biggest brands.


Discovery and replication of website issues

UserReplay not only ensures it is easy to quickly reproduce and troubleshoot issues reported by customers – but UserReplay’s proactive alerting ensures BT can find out about issues before they start impacting customers significantly.

Conversion Optimisation

BT use Google Analytics to provide basic analytics about how effectively their checkout process is working. However, UserReplay provides the next level of insight into the reasons WHY customers abandon in this process – as well as the impact this has on the bottom line.

Customer Service
Using UserReplay, BT’s customer service team are able to quickly understand a customer’s experience struggle so they are able to assist these customers in a much more timely fashion.

Value to BT
Some key examples of the value UserReplay has provided to the business include:

Improving conversion of PayPal Express
UserReplay was tracking of the new checkout method that utilises PayPal Express from the very first day. The analytics providing has been instrumental in helping BT resolve errors that were preventing customers from successfully completing their purchase. In a single month, BT were able to improve the conversion rate for these customers by over 20%.

Improving Design of Account Creation Process

UserReplay identified that a majority of users who completed a PayPal checkout were not setting up a BT Shop account – despite this being offered on the final confirmation page.

UserReplay identified that users were not engaging with this because it was buried below the fold of the page. BT implemented a design change to move the account creation further up the page and to make it more obvious. This led to an improvement of customers entering their details from 12% of to 53%.

“Changing your checkout flow is always a risk – and often one that can be tricky to understand the full impact until it’s live, testing only gives you so much. Thanks to User Replay we were able to pre-build reporting and be able to review customer journeys from the moment we deployed to ensure we knew the CX impact. Then over time, the data we had available, meant we can could refine the experience to better deliver for our customers, but also commercially.”

BT have established “page not found” alerts in UserReplay that notifies a team member whenever somebody receives one of these errors on a product page. This ensures the page can be quickly re-established or a relevant re- direct set up – minimising revenue leakage due to these product pages being missing.

Duncan Rutherford, Head of eCommerce at BT Shop

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