Rooms To Go


Rooms To Go is a major US independent furniture retailer. The company employs nearly 7000 members of staff across 11 US states and turns over $1.5 billion in sales, annually.




By drawing on the customer struggle data we have from UserReplay, we can action changes to interact at a point where we can make a difference to the customer and revenue.

Mike Austin, VP of Ecommerce Technology at Rooms To Go

Since its inception in 1991, Rooms To Go has offered customers the opportunity to purchase an entire room for their home; everything from furniture, accessories right down to décor items is made available. To compliment the customer focused in-store experience, Rooms To Go provides a sophisticated online operation.

The Challenge

Rooms To Go continually strive to create an effective and emotionally rewarding digital journey that complements the experience people have in store. To create an effective digital presence, it is essential that the IT and customer service teams can detect struggle in real-time and respond quickly. To understand the entire customer journey, they need to stitch together engagements and interactions from multiple channels.

How UserReplay Helped

UserReplay supports the CX, Customer Services and IT teams by validating and diagnosing issues customers or groups of customers are having. By providing feedback on the actual journeys, as to the scale and the monetary cost of the issues, UserReplay helps the customer service team interact at the point of struggle and the IT team prioritize resolution based on monetary impact.

Tackling a challenge of this scale takes more than just technology: it takes the right people, process, stakeholder support and mix of technologies. By utilizing UserReplay’s Customer Experience Analytics and Machine Learning capability, Rooms To Go can associate struggle behaviors with customer events and provide the business with high quality granular customer experience information that integrates seamlessly into their tool suite (Tealium, Powerfront & Mulesoft API). The customer centric approach to integrating various l technologies also create the all-important single view of the customer.

The flow of relevant data between systems, means Rooms To Go can alert the customer experience teams of individuals struggling on the site so they can interact with the customer in real-time through chat. Providing impact feedback on the actual journeys, helps IT prioritize fix status based on the monetary cost of the issues.

“Everyone is different, and our customers have a lot of questions on style and fit. By detecting struggle alerts with UserReplay events we then inform the customer journey data model. As we know the context and the nature of the struggle, the customer service team can instantly reach out and deliver the best contextualized experience”

Results and Next Steps

Actionable real-time information is key to Rooms To Go delivering a high- quality online customer experience and value back to the business. The insights delivered are actionable and truly enhance their online product and customer service.

In the future, the Rooms To Go team aims to make the CX interactions “portable” meaning they can be stored by a customer or used by an associate to enhance the customer experience throughout the journey

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