Supercharge eCommerce conversion with closed-loop feedback and CX analytics

7th April, 12.00 PM EST

Don’t settle for half the story!

By combining real-time shopper feedback, customer experience analytics and session replay you get all the insights you need to remove conversion obstacles on the fly.
Getting the right combination of insights in a single solution
helps you cut through the noise and optimize your eCommerce performance.
In this use-case led, 20-minute webinar we will examine:
• Quick introduction to eCommerce closed-loop feedback.
Key use cases for combined VoC, revenue & digital CX data.
• Struggle analysis
• Customer sentiment analysis
• Customer experience score
• Search & product page performance
• A live demonstration of the solution & benefits in action.
• How this unique combination helps you increase conversion and
the value of your VoC & Digital Analytics programs.
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This webinar is brought to you by the UserReplay product team.
Key presenters are James Wood, CPO and Danny Dunn, VP North America.