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UserReplay analyzes every digital interaction on your site and apps. 

Empower your digital teams with the tools they need to improve your site’s digital experience.

Search, Replay & Developer Tools

At the core of UserReplay is our incredible search and replay technology.  100% session coverage.
Session Replay
Universal Search
Realtime Filters
Session Magic Links
Conversion Funnels
Session Explorer
Dev Tools
Data Export
Customer Experience API
Network Requests


Create advanced alerts and automations based on any customer data in UserReplay.

Slack & Microsoft Teams
Zapier Integration

Customer Experience Scores

UserReplay’s customizable CX scores give you a quick and easy way to see what kind of experience customers are having on your site.

Customizable CX Scoring
CX Score Alerts

Customer Data Studio

Our advanced Customer Data Studio gives you full, complete and unlimited access to your customer data.  Create amazing customized visualizations and dashboards tailored to your specific business.

Visualisation Library
Visualisation Builder
Unlimited Dashboards
Full Screen Dashboards
Real Time Data
Shareable Reports
Embeddable Data Visualisations
SQL Queries

Application Performance

UserReplay collects huge amounts of technical page performance data which you can use to isolate technical performance issues and fix bad customer experiences.

Performance Dashboards
Performance Alerting


The UserReplay platform gives you a huge amount of flexibility around how you collect and expose data to your teams.

Exclude PII & Sensitive Data
Restrict by User Agent, IP, Location and more
URL Parameter Indexing
Data Layer Indexing
Custom Data Indexing
Archiving Rules
Advanced User Permissions
SSO + SAML Sign On

Frequently Asked Questions

UserReplay is built with user privacy at the core.

Our suite of data privacy tools and advanced options empower you to make the right decisions to honor your users’ data requests.

Delete any customer data easily using rules, our API or through the UI.

The default length of time that session data is held in the UserReplay environment is 30 days, after which time the data is securely deleted. We believe that this is a sufficient length of time for the website owner to use the data for the legitimate purpose for which it had been collected, although the automatic deletion policy can be altered depending on your needs.

UserReplay does not allow the capture of personal data within its own environment. Personal data is redacted at the first point of contact, in the website visitor’s browser.

In addition to automated monitoring we regularly audit our implementations manually to ensure we are not collecting personal data.

It is essential that no personal data such as passwords, contact details or payment details are ever sent to UserReplay.

To facilitate this, UserReplay has implemented a whitelist approach to scrubbing (Scrubbing is a term used by UserReplay to describe either completely excluding content from capture or masking textual content by obfuscating the characters).

This approach means we scrub pages using a masking technique on all user input elements by default.

As an extra precaution, the JavaScript tag has added intelligence to prevent it from ever capturing a valid credit card number, utilizing the Luhn algorithm to identify potential credit card numbers and scrub them as an additional check prior to sending the anonymized data to the UserReplay environment.

UserReplay is primarily a fully SaaS hosted product. If you have specific requirements, we do offer a fully on-premise product. To find out more about our on premise deployment options, please contact us.

You can install UserReplay in under a minute by adding our Javascript tag to the pages you want to track.

You can deploy it using a tag manager such as Google Tag Manager or directly within your site’s code.

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