All the tools you need to improve customer experience

Real time dashboards & reporting.

Visualize all your customer experience data in beautiful dashboards that show what’s happening in real time.

Create your own custom visualizations based on any of your customer data.



Build as many dashboards and visualizations as you like to showcase any of your customer experience data.


Real Time

Data from your site is shown on your dashboards in real time and shown in beautiful visualizations.



Build and share dashboards with your team to showcase customer experience reports.

Zoom plus

Dive Deeper

Quickly drill down into specific sessions technical data to find and fix user experience issues.



Free text search based on any text a user saw on your site.

From error messages to products in the basket, you can find sessions fast with UserReplay.


Custom Variables

Store as much customer data as you like within UserReplay.

Send in cart values, travel destinations or just about anything and search on it easily.


Quickly find sessions where users struggled with completing a task on your site.

We collect data on rage clicks, dead elements and repeated journeys automatically.

High fidelity session replay.

See exactly what your customers saw with our pixel perfect session replay.

Every click. Every scroll. Every mouse move. Every character typed.


Step Sidebar

See a simple breakdown of every step the user took in the session and quickly jump between steps.

Technical Data

Quickly view technical data for each step in the session.  POST, URL Paramaters, Headers, Browser Information and lots more!


Leave notes on sessions to collaborate with others to resolve issues.  Connect to Slack & Microsoft Teams to share your notes automatically.


Magic Share Links

Generate a secure share link for any session to let others watch the session back, even if they don't have a UserReplay account.

Powerful alerting

Get alerted the moment your customers start struggling.


Smart Thresholds

Set threshold alerts sitewide or for specific segments to recieve an email every time your customers struggle.



Connect with thousands of apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Jira to automate workflows based on alerts.


Weekly Digest

Get a weekly email full of news about your customer experience.


Real Time

UserReplay constantly monitors your site and alerts you as soon as an issue arises.


Quickly drill down into the most popular elements on each page and see how customers are interacting. 

Compare different versions of the page, such as your A/B test variants.


Network Requests & Page HTML

Drill down into detailed technical information from anywhere in UserReplay.  View every network request a page made, and even see a copy of the original page HTML, request and response.


Real time conversion funnels

Create custom conversion funnels to see how many customer progress through each step of your site.

Analyze every step in your checkout process.


Form analytics

See how users interact with forms on your site and discover fields they’re struggling with.


Struggle analytics

UserReplay intelligently analyzes every session for user struggle.  Rage clicks, dead links and repeated journeys are surfaced.

Smart segments

UserReplay machine learning models group your most important sessions together automatically.  Quickly find sessions where users struggled or didn’t convert.

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