Real time, customizable dashboards that bring your digital experience data to every team. 

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Powerfully Simple

UserReplay makes understanding your digital experience data easier than ever.

We’ve combined hugely rich technical data with a simple and easy to use UI.

Whether you need to quickly find a specific session or drill down into a specific technical issue, UserReplay makes it easy.

Smart Filters

Smart filters help you drill down from millions of sessions to just the ones you need.

Whether you want to search based on customer or technical data, everything you need is here.

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Rage, Error and Dead Clicks

UserReplay records every digital interaction a user has with your site to help you identify problem areas and fix them.

No setting up and instrumenting events, frustration detection works immediately with no additional setup required.

Detect Frustration

Easily identify customer frustrations and how much revenue they are costing you.

UserReplay helps you make the right prioritization decisions to fix the issues that affect your bottom line the most.

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Rich Technical Data

UserReplay records the critical technical data you need to identify and resolve customer issues.

Every console error message, slow API response and browser performance issue is easy to identify

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