A note from our CEO: Active CX is the answer

A note from our CEO: Active CX is the answer

Ruth Peters
4th March 2020

When I joined the company as CEO back in 2018 it was clear that UserReplay had something special. A great team that genuinely cared about customer service and the best data in the market. Certainly, we had to preserve those two cornerstones of the business.

It was also clear that the world of eCommerce and CX analytics had a lot to live up to and that many data sets were stagnating, only been used in a reactive fashion to solve issues that had already cost a company considerable reputation and revenue.

I believe clients of CX Analytics deserve better and that is what we set out to deliver with the new version of UserReplay, Active CX. We call it Active CX, as it moves beyond reflective analytics to deliver high value insights in the moments that matter, which are, when an issue or an opportunity is happening and you have time to react.

To bring this vision to life, four new fundamentals have been added to the product vision: real-time dashboards and alerting, enterprise search and machine learning powered automations.  

The machine learning driven insights are particularly powerful and they tell you what you need to know right now across CX standards such as struggle, but also others including propensity to convert and high value churn. These insights will supercharge our customers data and ensure that the data secrets are revealed and not hidden.

Automation is the action element of Active CX. They connect the data to the customer and enable teams to present offers or customer service options to support conversion and improve customer experience in real time.

Our ambition is to deliver these benefits to the widest possible audience, to clients across retail, travel, finance, B2B, Telecom and even the larger internal applications. The UserReplay team are eager to demonstrate the new product and get your feedback on how Active CX can help transform your digital business. So don’t hesitate and ask for your demo of UserReplay Active CX.

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