27th July 2020

Customer Experience Trends 2020: what’s out, what’s in, and what’s next

The biggest CX trends taking us into 2021.

22nd July 2020

Ecommerce innovation: 5 really smart ideas from Asos’s checkout flow

We've picked out 5 of the most innovative things they have done to provide a high-quality and high-converting customer experience

6th May 2020

UserReplay News: Customer Experience Scores just got personal (and real time)

Understand what kind of experience customers are having on your site right now.

16th May 2019

[Free eBook] Machine Learning For CX Professionals – 5 real-life CX use cases

You may still be wondering what the real-life value of using machine learning is in the world of CX analytics. We bring you 5 real-life CX use cases to shed some light on this.

11th March 2019

App hoc world

The increasing mobile usage has a significant impact on businesses worldwide.

5th March 2019

3 CX Travel Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

A product-led approach is essential for digital CX. With this we identified some of the 2019 CX travel trends.

13th February 2019


Mobile Customer Experience
26th June 2018

Why Mobile is a catalyst for future digital experience ecosystems

CX for Finance
6th February 2018

Customer Experience: The New Frontier in the Financial Industry

Eye to eye
16th January 2018

Seeing eye to eye is critical to e-commerce success

6th January 2018

Infographic: Turn Visibility into CX Value

Struggle Detection
15th November 2017

Struggle detection

Good Business
17th October 2017

Good Digital CX is Good for Business

22nd September 2017

Integrating APM and CX

Analyst Diary
29th August 2017

The Analyst’s Diary – August

23rd August 2017

Top 6 Flawed Customer Experience assumptions

Bad Customer Experience
4th August 2017

What’s the Cost of a Poor eCommerce Customer Experience?

25th July 2017

A Guide: Digital Performance Management

Digital Ecosystem
1st June 2017

The Digital Ecosystem

Silent Majority
18th May 2017

Are you listening to the silent majority?

Customer Experience Analytics
4th May 2017

Get More Out of Online Testing

ROI Online
20th April 2017

The ROI of Online Customer Experience Management

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