Big or small, the issue can cost you dear

Big or small, the issue can cost you dear

18th November 2015

It would be fair to assume that the more complex an issue is to fix, the greater the impact on the bottom line. However, in the world of eCommerce, this is not necessarily true. Quite often, issues that could be fixed relatively easily can have a negative impact on conversion rates and revenue. More worryingly, many of these issues go undetected.

Finding, prioritising and fixing the issues that have the biggest business impact is key. However, for many organisations this is challenging because they don’t have the visibility to discover them or clearly understand if they are having a significant effect on revenue or conversion. I wanted to share some recent anecdotes from the work we have done with our customers – including some quantifiable results – to show why improving visibility of the customer experience is so significant:

Postcode pitfalls

UserReplay identified a recurring problem affecting the customers of a leading food and beverage company. Users appeared to be entering their postcode on numerous occasions during the purchase process. Further investigation of the impacted journeys found once customers had selected their items and clicked ‘Pay Now’, they were being kicked back to the beginning of the purchase process due to a previously unknown technical issue. With an average basket value of £20, it was calculated this was costing £1.2million a year in potential lost revenue.

Session timeout troubles

Direct Ferries is Europe’s largest ferry ticket retailer. UserReplay identified an issue with .net authentication: for around 20% of mobile devices, the authentication cookie would disappear from page-to-page (when it should actually be persistent for at least 20 mins). For other devices, such as those running Windows, this was only 4%.

Further analysis revealed that the type of cookie being used was not supported on mobile devices. A simple fix was implemented, which significantly decreased the number of sessions timing out across all devices. Fixing this issue has seen an increase in booking revenue in excess of £1 million per annum!

Voucher code challenges

Conversion rates for a high-end fashion brand dropped from 41% to 19% overnight. UserReplay discovered this was the result of an email being sent to customers including a voucher code that many people found they were unable to use. The qualifying criteria for the voucher was unclear, and in a single day the brand lost £54k of potential revenue, not to mention the damage to brand reputation.

These examples provide a very small glimpse into the vast number of issues that occur on websites every day. However, they also give an idea of the variety of issues that can impact on conversion rate if left undetected. Complete visibility of the customer experience is the only way to ensure you can identify and quantify these issues accurately.

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