Customer Experience Analytics Collaboration—A Key Component for Eliminating CX Friction

Customer Experience Analytics Collaboration—A Key Component for Eliminating CX Friction

1st September 2016

With 89% of businesses believing customer experience is a key differentiator for them in their markets, the rise of customer experience analytics (CXA) solutions isn’t surprising. However, CXA solutions are still relatively new to businesses, having only been around for the past 10 to 15 years.

Although the market for CXA solutions is still young, technology commoditization has created a certain baseline of user expectations for features and performance. For example, businesses expect all CXA solutions to collect data regarding critical CX KPIs and metrics. They also expect their chosen solution to help them leverage data to improve digital customer experiences.

Pinpointing digital customer experience friction is a challenge even with a CXA solution, so you can’t afford to implement a commoditized offering. When looking for a CXA vendor, an ongoing collaborative and flexible relationship is essential.

The Key Considerations for a Collaborative CXA Vendor Relationship

Because CX is so important to the overall differentiation of your business, you can’t partner with a CXA provider that doesn’t eat, sleep and breathe customer experience. Signing up for a SaaS-based solution without ever talking to the vendor simply won’t yield the results businesses need (and expect) out of customer experience analytics.

As you research CXA vendors and evaluate their approaches to collaboration, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • How much investment do you make in your CXA platform relative to the other products that you provide?
  • Are there limitations on the functionality we have access to in your licensing or subscription model?
  • Will we need to buy new modules to support our current and future analysis requirements?
  • Can we roll out the system to any user within the organization without additional cost—to ensure collaboration across departments?

Do you have experts who can work with us collaboratively to ensure we maximize the value of our CXA investment?
All of these questions are vital to the successful implementation of an effective CXA solution. However, the final question regarding collaboration between your company and the CX experts at your vendor is particularly important.

Managing digital customer experiences is, at times, a full time job; and many companies don’t have the resources to devote so much time to using their CXA solution to its fullest potential. This is where a truly collaborative CXA vendor proves valuable.

Taking Advantage of a Collaborative CXA Provider

Rather than struggling to execute on actionable insights from a CXA solution, your vendor should have the expertise to manage your customer experience analytics as a service. The advantage is that you can focus on the nuances of your business while your partner digs deep into the points of digital customer experience friction, monetizing them to show you exactly where you can improve to gain the greatest uplift in conversion and revenue.

A collaborative CXA vendor should be able to accomplish the following on your behalf:

  • Discover the reasons why customers fail to convert as they should.
  • Analyze the data captured about customers who have experienced issues, then quantify the potential revenue opportunity of resolving them and prioritize improvements.
  • Rectify issues based on the prioritization developed in the Analyze step. Session replay and detailed technical data is important here to reproduce issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Track online experience KPIs and metrics to verify issues that have been rectified and to alert if these issues re-occur.
  • Share the results and wins that are achieved through application of CXA technology within your organization—especially with executive and senior management.

These steps serve to unlock the full potential of customer experience analytics in the context of a business that might not have the time to leverage mountains of customer data itself. However, choosing the wrong CXA vendor might leave you on your own when it comes to discovering and eliminating digital customer experience friction.

If you want to learn how the UserReplay customer experience analytics solution works and how Active Insight Services improve collaboration between you and your CXA vendor, contact us today for a free, live demo.

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