UserReplay News: Customer Experience Scores just got personal (and real time)

UserReplay News: Customer Experience Scores just got personal (and real time)

James Wood
6th May 2020

Understanding what kind of experience customers are having on your site right now can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Too often it can feel like drowning in a sea of data, when all you want is a simple answer to a simple question.

Are my customers having a successful journey?

Are they able to easily complete actions and have a frustration free visit?

We heard loud and clear from customers you wanted a to be able to answer those questions quickly – based on your realtime customer experience data in UserReplay.

Introducing the UserReplay CX Score – totally customizable and as unique as your site.

We’ve built a new customer experience score into UserReplay which gives you a real time view into how customers are experiencing your site right now.

It’s made up of two key components: Struggle & Success. And it’s completely customizable to match your site’s unique customer experience.

Customer Struggle & Success

Success is all the ‘happy’ actions customer are taking on your site right now. Depending on your site, this might be things like customers being able to search and add products to their cart, view checkout or confirmation pages.

Struggle are ‘unhappy’ experiences your customers are having. Depending on your site, these might be messages like out of stock errors, address validation errors, credit card errors or not being able to checkout.

UserReplay comes with a default set of struggle and success rules out of the box, but you’re able to totally customize these to meet your own requirements.

Every struggle and success rule also have custom weightings, depending on how serious the issue is.

For example, if customers are seeing address validation errors and aren’t able to proceed through your checkout process this would be weighted highly as it’s a very serious customer struggle.

Higher weightings lead to a more significant on the CX Score, helping highlight serious issues quicker.

All these struggle and success actions are monitored in real-time for every single customer session and grouped together for you to view in your account’s dashboard.

UserReplay CX Score Dashboard
CX Scores in UserRelay

You can also configure alerts based on changes to your CX Score. Given UserReplay is connected to Zapier, you can send these alerts into over 1500 other apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams and email.

This helps your teams be the first to know if customers are struggling on your site, where they can dive straight into UserReplay to investigate the issue further and watch effect session replays.

I’ve made a brief overview video of the new feature here which shows you exactly how it works in more detail.

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