Are you listening to the silent majority?

Are you listening to the silent majority?

18th May 2017

Recent political events, such as the election of Donald Trump and Brexit, have highlighted a “silent majority” of voters who don’t feel their voice is being heard by the establishment. But have you considered that something similar might be happening on your website? Is there a silent majority of visitors to your site that you are not listening to? And what if poor digital experiences are causing them to give their vote to your rivals?

Many of you will have implemented Voice of Customer (VOC) initiatives – probably utilising one of the plethora of VOC solutions in the market. This is a great idea and provides very useful information. However, you need to be aware that this only tends to gather responses from a vocal minority who bother to fill in surveys or leave feedback. Typically, much less than 10% of your website visitors will share their experiences in this way.

But how can we also listen to the silent majority of visitors as well? This is what many digitally savvy brands are doing with the new breed of advanced CX Analytics, such as UserReplay. By unobtrusively capturing every customer interaction, your customers are passively sharing their experiences and all their digital body language with you.

Usually, these captured experiences can then be visually replayed. However, replaying hundreds or even thousands of journeys is just not practical for most companies. The real power in CX Analytics is the ability to analyze the data behind these journeys to uncover hidden struggles and monetize the impact they are having on the bottom line.

The benefit of CX Analytics is not limited to the silent majority though. It can also provide insight into the experiences of the vocal minority too. Quite often, the comments these users leave are quite vague and taking action based on them can be difficult. By linking the VOC output directly to a session replay in CX Analytics, you can instantly gain context around the user’s actual experience and quickly identify if there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Let me give an example. One of our large retail customers received a user comment saying that the visitor had tried to pay with their credit card but failed. Because they had linked their VOC software to UserReplay, they could immediately replay this user’s journey and could see the that the transaction was being cancelled before the user could enter their card verification password. In addition, UserReplay also showed them that other customers were also being affected by this issue and that, if fixed, could provide a $2m a year revenue uplift.

So, if you are thinking about the best way to gather feedback from your customers, don’t limit your approach to VoC solutions only. Don’t forget there are ways you can listen to the silent majority to ensure they don’t feel disenfranchised by your website.

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