Good Digital CX is Good for Business

Good Digital CX is Good for Business

Ruth Peters
17th October 2017
What’s your Digital CX Score?

No one doubts that good digital CX is good for business. Not only do companies that deliver a good digital experience see revenue and customer satisfaction increase but also support costs go down. With these facts and the rise of digital and CX as a field of expertise established you would hope to see a great increase in digital quality scores over recent years!

Not so, I’m afraid, according to Forrester, the average digital experience quality score has “risen from bad…to less Bad”.

So where are we going wrong…

Forrester, in the report “Bridge the gap from CX strategy to Digital CX” says that many companies are still committing basic mistakes that hurt business through their website.

In fact, in sites reviewed for Forrester’s Website User Experience Reviews since 2012 they have found:

  • 76% of sites not having efficient task flow
  • 48% of sites not performing well
  • 68% of sites not place needed content in relevant locations
Your Digital CX Checklist

To ensure you don’t get categorized as “bad or even “less bad” we recommend, as a starting point, that you review 5 fundamental areas:

1) Content. How many times have you had to wade through information only to find the point that you need to validate your purchase is missing. It’s not just annoying but it is putting unnecessary boundaries in the way to purchase.

It’s essential that you provide the right information, at the right time with the right tone. The right information in the world of eCommerce is increasingly product videos and reviews and there are also numerous studies showing the importance of larger images, product videos, and reviews on conversion rate.

How Images Increase Conversion Rate: The Complete Guide

2) Search and Navigation. Speed, ease, and accuracy of search are essential to deliver. Your customers come to your site with a goal in mind and they want to accomplish it quickly.

When search and navigation fail, your customers will abandon their purchase and often move to the next site on their list. If they choose to persist with their journey at best they will be aggravated customers or driven to more expensive channels like call centers to accomplish their goals and at the very worst their trust will be eroded.

3) Progress and workflow. Most purchases require multiple steps – the checkout process for holiday bookings is notoriously complex, offering many flight and add-on options that can appear confusing and frustrate the potential customer. To avoid frustrated customers, keep users motivated and oriented with visual cues, smart placement of content and functionality, and streamlined task flows. Performance must be quick, streamlined and without errors or abandonment rates will soar.

4)Error avoidance and recovery. Don’t give your customers unnecessary challenges. For example, an out of stock message that did not appear until checkout and then did not indicate what item it referred to leads to frustrated customers. In such a scenario, the customer would have to of taken individual items out of the cart to see if the purchase would then go through. By providing easy ways for users to back out of unintended consequences, companies avoid frustrating or endangering their customers and impacting conversion.

5) Privacy and trust. Data breaches do not go unnoticed, they are bad news for the customer and the company alike. Customers need to feel confident in your ability to protect their personal data and you must clearly outline both your ability and standing on privacy and security. If you don’t take this seriously you will see a conversion rate drop as people won’t trust you to gather and protect their data and therefore won’t trust the brand.

A Good Review and we are Set Then?

Afraid not! It’s a great start but mastering digital CX requires relentless energy, steadfast determination, great diplomacy and people skills, as well as strategic mastery. And although a good review of core functions is essential it’s not going to change your digital world.

Luckily there is some great advice out there to support your success. Once again, I refer you to the Forrester report “Bridge the gap from CX strategy to Digital CX” they talk at depth of three principles that you should adopt to pull all the elements together and deliver Great digital CX:

  • Talk about the money – Uncover the metrics that will not only indicate digital CX quality but also make sense to senior stakeholders and will win you the budget you need
  • Rally the right people – Break down the silos and engage business and technical leads. This involves getting the business and technical stakeholders to align and share actionable data which can be a great unifying force
  • Strengthen customer centric muscles – Cross-functional working and agile development and prototypes. Forget the big bang approach steer expectations towards a continuous improvement model with the help of both the business and technology group

To get comprehensive advice from leading experts and accelerate your digital CX score download the free report. Or contact us to learn how CEA can help to unite teams by providing actionable data that not only indicates your digital CX quality but give you the insight needed to resolve issues too.

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