Digital Intelligence – Your Key to Delighting Customers

Digital Intelligence – Your Key to Delighting Customers

User Replay
30th March 2017

Digital innovation has given consumers an abundance of choices in all industries. The “build it and they will come” mentality will no longer cut it and, today, businesses understand that customer experience is the key differentiator.

But to delight your customers you need to become customer insights driven. Not just collecting data from a wide range of sources but also quickly prioritizing the data that points out struggles and helps to convert your customers from browsers to buyers.

In our recent digital intelligence webinar, Forrester’s James McCormick reinforced this point, as whilst 73% of companies aspire to be data-driven, only 29% are good at turning insights into action.

So, how do you ensure your company avoids the 71%? Michael Brady, CIO of Market America, joined our webinar to discuss how is driving business results through digital intelligence.

How Market America Uses Digital Intelligence to Improve Customer Experience

Market America, including their flagship site, is a top 100 internet retailer. As a group, they are ranked 59 among the 500 top eCommerce Retailers in the world. They have a virtual presence in 9 countries, represented by 5 languages and operate more than 300 websites supporting nearly 4 million visitors per month.

Needless to say, Michael Brady and the 250 + technology workers at Market America need a strategy to prioritize the actions that will deliver the highest value by improving the customer journey and ultimately supporting revenue growth.

Market America has implemented a process to help them focus on customer experience and conversion optimisation. As part of this process a daily report is generated. This report consolidates struggles or errors that their customers may encounter from all their sites, including any visitor comments captured. The report is sent to several functional departments in the firm making it’s way right up to the COO.

One challenge Market America faced was being able to validate the struggles in the report and get to the insights that helped them fix the issue quickly. They have addressed this challenge by capturing the UserReplay ID and integrating it with their solutions—from Voice of the Customer to analytics to application performance management. In this way, they can truly understand the individual customer struggles by seeing specific customer sessions and associated data.

Michael Brady explains, “Big data gives you an enormous forest to work with” but the insight we gain from UserReplay is “like seeing the forest for the trees”. Each session is a new opportunity to capture customer insights and support continuous improvement of the customer experience. Importantly, this insight is extended to many different departments, helping Market America become more proactive against customer experience issues:

  • Developers and technology employee – It’s not easy for developers to know which issue to address first but now the IT team dig into specific sessions and data to prioritize and resolve customer experience challenges quickly.
  • Marketers – The marketing team are tasked with differentiating the company. And with UserReplay, the user experience group can get granular data into specific journeys, both good and bad, to help optimize the user experience and reduce friction in the buying process.
  • Customer care employees – People expect frictionless service and session replay helps Market America customer care proactively reach out to customers who have experienced challenges on eCommerce sites, as well as deal with incoming calls professionally and efficiently.
  • The compliance organization – The ability to playback any user session help compliance ensure direct sales processes adhere to specific guidelines.­­
  • Quality assurance – QA is on a daily search for friction in the tech processes. With UserReplay, they can get data about even the smallest problems, across all their sites.

By integrated UserReplay across multiple departments the session replay and associated insight data is now a critical part of the digital intelligence analytics at Market America, helping them delight and retain their customers.

If you want to learn more about the keys to boosting a modern customer experience, check out our on-demand webinar, Building a Customer Insights Driven Business Through Digital Intelligence.

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