How to diagnose and fix complex CX issues before they impact your revenue.

How to diagnose and fix complex CX issues before they impact your revenue.

John Todd
10th July 2020

How do you measure the performance of your website?

There are many ways to drive traffic to your site, a lot of them cost you money, time and effort. You spend a lot of energy driving people to your site but once there very few people spend anything to ensure the site is performing at its peak, ensuring you get the most value from their visit.

Website owners all track a lot of technical metrics and ‘hard errors’ but actually what’s going on? Are visitors able to find products to add to their basket? Is this a high value return customer, should we treat them differently? Are they able to buy without issue?

At UserReplay we have the answer. We don’t just monitor the pages people are seeing, or a pre configured data layer – we monitor everything. We analyse every interaction your visitors are having with your application.

Every rage click, every loop they find themselves in, all the way to slow AJAX calls whilst they’re interacting with third party applications. Every bit of text a customer sees, we have it indexed and made searchable – in real time. Once you’ve identified an issue we provide you with all the technical data you need to identify and fix, including the full request and response payload from your servers.

As we track everything, there is a wealth of data available to you for analysis. To make the data accessible we have leveraged the world leading Kibana Dashboard so you can visualise the things you care about in a tool many people around the globe use daily.

You can build custom visualisations, dashboards and alerts for every team within your organization to get the data they need in a format they can use. Additionally we have some out of the box reporting covering the main flows in your application as well as what your customers are experiencing on the website.

Instead of monitoring a plethora of metrics, UserReplay provide a single data point in our unique Customer Experience Score and provide a dashboard so you can see the health or your website at a glance whilst being alerted to any problems as soon as they occur.

Customer Experience Dashboard overview – Health of your application at a glance

Customer Experience scores in UserReplay

There is a single CX score to monitor and alert from, it’s built up using a ‘Success’ score and a ‘Struggle’ score. Success is monitoring customers progressing through your main flows, e.g. are people able to find product and proceed through the checkout to complete their order. Struggle is looking for customers showing any sign of issue or frustration, looping rage clicking, hard errors like payment failure. Struggle is also monitoring the performance of the page load times and XHR calls taking too long to return.

Once alerted to a drop in CX score, the dashboard will then walk you through the high-level analysis to identify the impact and underlying issue.

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I’ve been alerted to a potential issue by a drop in my CX score, do I need to do anything? Is it impacting conversion? By tracking the CX score against conversion you can very quickly see if the issue is impacting the bottom line of the business.

I have a problem. Where to start my investigation?

Tracking the progression/conversion rates can help you understand where the issue may be. In this example all stats, with the exception of people going from the Home Page to Search have significantly dropped. This indicates the issue is occurring at the search results page.

Are my users seeing an error on the search page?

Using the top 5 Errors report we can confirm that yes, a disproportionate amount of people are seeing the ‘No Flight Results’ Error message.

At this point we can click to replay some sessions to validate the issue then send some examples over to the technical team where they can use the full technical data to diagnose and fix the issue.

Using the CX dashboard you can very easily not only monitor the performance and health of your website but you can also be alerted and diagnose issues in seconds to limit the damage to your business when everyday problems arise.

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