Get More Out of Online Testing

Get More Out of Online Testing

User Replay
4th May 2017

Marketers have long relied on A/B testing to help make iterative improvements to their digital channels. And for questions that require more than just an either/or model, multivariate testing has given marketers the ability to validate a number of digital elements.

However, these online testing techniques are often focused on content and design decisions.

While A/B testing and multivariate testing can be critical components of conversion rate optimization, there’s more you can do to improve customer experience.

The Truth About Online Testing Techniques

If you want to deliver the best possible customer experience, you’ll need to utilize CX analytics first to capture the full value of A/B and multivariate testing.

The only issue is that some marketers have the wrong idea about the purpose of their online testing.

Online testing techniques are often used to make minute decisions. What should the copy on the CTA button say? What color should we use for the background image on our landing page? However, the true purpose of online testing isn’t to make such small decisions. The ultimate goal should be to understand your customer better.

Increasing customer lifetime value, boosting online registrations and improving overall customer conversion rates aren’t about colors or copy—they’re about knowing exactly how to minimize struggles in the customer experience.

But online testing techniques can’t reach their full potential if they aren’t applied broadly across your digital channels and if they’re not coupled with the right analytics tool. According to Forrester research, businesses are only applying online testing to 30% or fewer digital customer interactions.

To broaden the scope and effectiveness of online testing, companies need to integrate their techniques with customer experience analytics.

Bringing Customer Experience Analytics and Online Testing Together for a Better Customer Experience

Customer experience optimization doesn’t work if you’re only conducting many disconnected online tests. A stronger approach is to create a foundation of customer experience data and analytics that can scale across the business—not just in the marketing department.

This foundational customer experience data will help you target online testing techniques so you can make more informed decisions based on customer insights as opposed to simpler observations about colors and copy. And with a customer experience analytics solution like UserReplay, you can derive customer insights and apply online testing to the entire customer lifecycle through:

  • Discover Customer Experience Struggles: Rather than focusing on a low-level online test, UserReplay tracks entire individual customer sessions with event-based analytics. The discovery phase of CX issues and pitfalls (by using funnel analytics, form analytics, customer experience scoring, and more) provides the foundation of customer insights necessary to create hypotheses for potential online tests.
  • Monetize Customer Experience Issues: Don’t blindly execute a list of online testing hypotheses. Take advantage of UserReplay to monetize known points of customer experience struggles by quantifying the value of revenue opportunities and the number of customers affected. With a prioritized list of customer experience struggles, you can run online testing techniques that are more targeted.
  • Optimize the Digital Experience: Merging customer experience data with behavioural data from high fidelity session replays lets you apply technical improvements more effectively. Instead of disconnected online testing results, you’re left with greater digital intelligence that can help you delight customers and improve both conversion rates and loyalty.

Customers expect a lot from digital experiences—any minor struggle can quickly lead to lost revenue. Betting all your customer experience optimization efforts on online testing isn’t enough anymore. You need customer experience analytics to drive online testing further and help you focus and improve the true customer experience.

If you want to learn more about how UserReplay can fit into your online testing strategies, contact us today for a free demo of the solution.

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