How to Optimize eCommerce Conversion with On-Site Feedback

Playbook - How to optimize eCommerce Conversion using on-site feedback

On-Site customer feedback actively helps to improve eCommerce conversion. So we are bringing you this Playbook to increase the understanding of its unique strengths.

On-site eCommerce feedback is a simple and effective Voice of Customer (VoC) tool. Triggered by frustration or customer behavior, it is used to capture reactions while a user is browsing your website or app.

Combining Feedback information with session replay, revenue and other important experience insights provide an accurate picture of your customer experience. Enabling you to act decisively at a point where the greatest difference can be made.

By the end of this Playbook How to Optimize your eCommerce Website using On-Site Shopper Feedback, you’ll understand:

  • Consumer attitudes and preferences on leaving feedback – key insights from a 300 participant consumer survey in North America.
  • What is on-site feedback and why is it the most effective feedback method for improving eCommerce performance?
  • How you can use on-site feedback can help improve your customer experience and store conversion.
  • An Introduction to Smart Feedback and why it is the most powerful and effective on-site feedback tool in the market.

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