These 11 leading ecommerce podcasts are essential for Ecommerce Professionals

11 ecommerce podcasts that are essential if you want to benefit from a wide range of experiences, failures and successes.
11 ecommerce podcasts that are essential if you want to benefit from a wide range of experiences, failures and successes.

Being an ecommerce professional means you always need to stay up to date on trends, find new creative ways to engage an audience or manage merchandise, and drive increasingly good results for your company. It can feel overwhelming, even in non-COVID times, as our space continues to change faster than ever.

To help you get a shortcut, we found 11 ecommerce podcasts that are essential if you want to benefit from a wide range of experiences, failures and successes, and make the most of your time on the road to work, during a workout, or while cleaning the house.

1) Ecommerce Master Plan Podcast

Why it’s essential: Investing 30 minutes a week in this podcast will expose you to interviews with a wide range of professionals – including founders, marketers and other managers – from across the world, who are navigating the world of ecommerce, or a combination of ecommerce and traditional retail. You’ll get tips for customer generation, your tech stack and how to save your team time.

Recent episodes include:

  • RestoraPet’s Brian Larsen Explains How They Grow 500% Year on Year
  • Michael Valdsgaard, ex VP of Digital Transformation at Ikea, on Augmented Reality
  • Running and Micro Influencer Marketing Campaigns with Shannon Fitzsimmons from O So Curly

Host: Chloe Thomas.

2) The EcommerceFuel Podcast

Why it’s essential: EcommerceFuel is the world’s largest community of 7 figure+ ecommerce store owners. Its podcast provides detailed, down to earth information from industry experts on how to research, launch and grow successful ecommerce businesses. The company’s target audience has an average annual revenue of $2+ million. Ecommerce professionals from larger companies can learn ways to get creative, even with smaller budgets and teams.

Recent episodes include:

  • Storytelling that Sells
  • Deciphering Paid Traffic Right Now
  • My Cringeworthy Google Analytics Mistakes

Host: Andrew Youderian.

3) 2X Ecommerce Podcast

Why it’s essential: This podcast includes interviews with founders of innovative 7-8 figure, high growth direct to consumer brands. This is a chance to learn about customer acquisition and retention from those at the forefront of digital retail technology.

Recent episodes include:

  • Transforming Product Returns to a Retention Profit Center
  • Post COVID-19 Performance Marketing Preparedness
  • Removing Unintended Road Blocks in the Checkout Process

(Speaking of which, get our free Checkout Checklist here to make sure you’re set for maximized conversions.

Host: Kunle Campbell.

4) Ecommerce Conversations Podcast

Why it’s essential: This podcast is all about helping online merchants thrive by introducing them to interesting personalities in the ecommerce space, and discovering these personalities’ creative stories.

Recent episodes include: 

  • Better Fathers, Husbands, Leaders Drive ‘Order of Man’ Founder
  • Iraq War Veteran Fails, then Succeeds, with Men’s Underwear Brand
  • Thrift Books CEO on $150 Million of Annual Used Book Sales

Hosts: Eric Bandholz, Kerry Murdock and Armando Roggio.

5) Ecommerce Evolution Podcast

Why it’s essential: This podcast helps you stay on top of what’s new and what’s coming up in the ecommerce space. It gives you an in depth look at what merchants, vendors and thought leaders are doing and experiencing in our industry.

Recent episodes include:

  • Increasing Conversions in the New Normal of Ecommerce
  • Selling Product Subscriptions and Understanding the Power of Villains in Marketing
  • Secret Marketing Weapon – Automated Handwritten Direct Mail

Host: Brett Curry.

6) Ecommerce BrainTrust Podcast

Why it’s essential: This podcast gives you access to the world’s best ecommerce brains. It provides conversations with experts who know how to build momentum online for established consumer brands, and are open to sharing the trends they see and the strategies that set them to success.

Recent episodes include: 

  • Profitability: The Elephant in the Ecommerce Room – with Sri Rajagopalan
  • How to Overcome the Fake Review Problem – Live from Etail West
  • How the Pandemic is Changing the Ecommerce Industry

(To gain a deeper understanding of how to thrive in a COVID-19 world and beyond, we analyzed 21 studies, which turned into our latest report. You can get the report for free at the bottom of this article. It will give you practical strategies to show consumers you get what they need right now, stand out of the crowd, and retain market share).

Host: Kiri Masters.

7) The Ecommerce Marketing Show

Why it’s essential: This podcast aims to be a one stop shop for professionals looking to grow ecommerce businesses. It covers branding, conversion rate optimization, copywriting, email marketing, SMS marketing, social media, advertising, influencer marketing, and much more via conversations with experts that share what has worked for them. This podcast, too, is entrepreneur-focused, so it can give ecommerce professionals in larger companies a perspective they might not usually encounter.

Recent episodes include:

  • Diversity in DTC: What We Can Do to Improve
  • Better Without Them: Lessons Learned from SpyGuy’s $63,000 Agency Mistake
  • Sade Baron: How a Mom & Daughter Duo Built a Beauty Brand with a Mission

Host: Dave Gerhardt.

8) Shopify Masters

Why it’s essential: Listen to conversations with seasoned entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, who pull back the curtain and share practical advice to help other entrepreneurs and ecommerce professionals with marketing, licensing, operations, and anything in between.

Recent episodes include: 

  • Foursquare Meets Volleyball: The Invention of a 7 Figure Spot
  • The Secret Ingredients to Building a 7 Figure Meal Service Business
  • Diversity Matters: This Makeup Brand’s Movement for Inclusivity

Host: Felix Thea.

9) The Jason & Scot Show

Why it’s essential: This podcast is for ecommerce professionals who want to feel like they’re talking to colleagues about the industry, but over a drink after work. That’s how the hosts started – as colleagues who enjoyed mutual conversations. Then they decided to include the rest of the industry in their discussions. In their podcast, they provide a combination of news, deep dives into topics, and interviews with industry leaders.

Recent episodes include:

  • Cohort Analysis and CLV with Daniel McCarthy
  • Ecommerce Logistics Crunch
  • Deloitte’s Kasey Lobaugh on Recessions and the Future of Retail

Hosts: Jason Goldberg and Scot Wingo.

10) Ecommerce Minute Podcast

Why it’s essential: This is an ecommerce podcast that keeps up with the trends so you won’t have to. Invest up to 10 minutes a day, and you’ll be up to date on trends and news in ecommerce and the fields that impact it, like retail, technology and payments.

Recent episodes include:

  • Chipotle Launches Virtual Farmers Market on Shopify for Suppliers
  • Amazon Announces $2B Climate Pledge Fund
  • Microsoft to Permanently Close All But 4 Retail Stores

Hosts: John Suder, Bart Mroz, and Brittany Blackman.

11) Mixergy

Why it’s essential: While this isn’t an ecommerce podcast per se, it will challenge your thinking about business, as it reveals what the top startup founders know that you don’t. The podcast’s mission is to help business people break free of following know-it-all gurus, and instead learn from a mix of doers and thinkers who are willing to share their real life experiences.

Recent episodes include:

  • How Revry Became the Netflix for the Queer Community
  •’s Founder Reinvents Email & Battles Apple
  • How to Teach Your Kids to Build Their Own Businesses

Host: Andrew Warner.

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