[Free Download] Forrester Ecommerce Playbook 2019 – must-have eCommerce features

[Free Download] Forrester Ecommerce Playbook 2019 – must-have eCommerce features

Ruth Peters
8th November 2019

UserReplay brings you this must-have eCommerce report from Forrester.

This eCommerce playbook will help you stand out from the crowd in the demanding retail eCommerce environment.

In this report, the Forrester analysts draw on a wide body of research and client examples to help you boost online revenue.

Get the eCommerce Playbook and Discover:

  • Must have eCommerce features with best-practice client examples across site navigation, product detail pages and the checkout experience.
  • Best practice advice across the extended eCommerce offer:
    • Customer service
    • Community
    • Omnichannel service and insights
    • Mobile web experience
  • Digital Experience Mapping
  • Scenario Design

Download now and read client examples from Expedia, Amazon, Nike, Nordstrom and many more.

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