NEW: Introducing Active Feedback — fusing quant and qual data, for real-time insights and results

NEW: Introducing Active Feedback — fusing quant and qual data, for real-time insights and results

Olly Meakings
21st September 2020

One of the biggest hurdles for any business is gathering accurate, meaningful data from its users. Without this data, it becomes difficult to personalize your service, to understand what your customers want, and to recognize areas for improvement. 

Today, we’re excited to launch a new UserReplay feature, Active Feedback – designed to provide a more complete image of your website’s Customer Experience.

What is Active Feedback (and why do I need it?)

Active Feedback is an integrated customer feedback tool for any page of your website. It sits on the right  of the screen, displayed as a minimized window. Once clicked, the Active Feedback widget displays a customized survey or questionnaire for the customer to fill in.

The site visitor can then respond with written text, emojis, or multiple-choice answers to rate that page, their experience, or a product on your site — adding a qualitative element to your analytics suite. 

You can then analyze all your feedback for common trends, sentiment, and quickly jump into replay for specific feedback terms. Each customer feedback message is also linked to revenue data, giving you insight into how much revenue is potentially being lost for each feedback term.

So why is that worth your attention?

For one, this unique feature could cost companies tens of thousands of dollars on its own. Now, it’s coming to UserReplay as a built-in addition – there’s no extra cost for existing UserReplay customers.

On its own, Active Feedback is a powerful tool for gathering real-time qual-based data on the on-site experience you’ve created. When paired with the rest of UserReplay’s features, however, it helps create a new level of actionable, commercial insights into your website’s performance. 

Key features

Quantify user data — fast 

Active Feedback is built to work in real-time. That means you’ll have instant access to your customers’ experiences, as well as the data aggregated from their responses. 

Uncovered something you want to explore in more detail? No problem. With UserReplay, you capture every visitor interaction, 24 hours a day. And you can watch back any recorded session, too. 

Fully-integrated with UserReplay’s alert feature 

Not only will you have access to data in real-time, but Active Feedback will make sure you never miss a key insight. Set and receive notifications, sent direct to the responsible person.

Attribute revenue loss to specific feedback

Each customer feedback message is stored along with the hundreds of other data points in UserReplay, such as revenue. This lets you track how specific feedback issues impact revenue and help you prioritize which issues to address first.

Completely customizable

Ask any kind of question, accept any kind of answer, and at any stage of the on-site journey. Seeing too many visitors drop off after the product page? Active Feedback helps you understand why customers are stopping their journey there, so that you can take action.

API integration

We live in a world where automation and communication have become critical to success. To match this vision, Active Feedback can integrate with a variety of other services via a secure and simple API interface.

How does it work?

Active Feedback is designed to fit into your website seamlessly, wherever you decide to place it. The widget is completely customizable — not only in features, but in appearance too, so it matches your visual brand language perfectly. 

After it’s integrated, Active Feedback will be available to all site visitors at any time. They provide instant feedback, and you get critical data without needing to drop into their inbox. And because Active Feedback is made to be simple, customers can leave a response without feeling interrupted or slowed down. 

Once a response has been logged, it’s stored against the rest of the data gathered on that customer. This gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire user profile — you can see how they interacted with your website, what they accomplished, when they ended their journey and why they did, or didn’t, convert.

Smart triggers

In addition to all of this, Active Feedback uses smart triggers. Smart triggers allow you to decide who sees your Active Feedback widget and when. You can customize it to appear:

  • After a certain amount of page views
  • After a user performs a specific behavior
  • After a user lands on a specific page
  • After a user makes an order
  • When a user receives an error
  • When a user clicks Give Feedback

This puts you in total control of your feedback process – reaching out to customers, right when you need their input.

Achieving the sweet spot between quant and qual

Active Feedback offers a totally new view of on-site analytics, combining qualitative and quantitative data seamlessly. By setting your widget to accept multiple-choice or open-ended answers, you can gather the type of data you care about most. 

Once gathered, you can then view this data alongside other stats and situational data collected by UserReplay. Viewing this data side by side bridges the gap between what your customer is feeling and what they’re experiencing, making it easier to uncover why their visit was a success or a struggle. 

And it’s instant. You’ll be alerted of new feedback, as soon as it’s ready.

Try Active Feedback today

Ready to see what Active Feedback can do for you? Sign up for a demo, and see first-hand how asking the right questions, in the right moment, can improve your Customer Experience, and deliver commercial results.


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