Delighting your customers in the holiday season

Delighting your customers in the holiday season

16th December 2015

Whether it’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas shopping or the January sales, this time of year is amongst the busiest for retailers.

The pressure is therefore on for eCommerce brands to provide a consistently excellent experience to their customers. Increased visitor traffic can put pressure on the ability to deliver this – so it is more important than ever to understand the customer experience and identify issues affecting your customer journeys before they have a major impact on revenue.

Session replay technologies can help brands uncover this information but, realistically, with the hundreds and thousands of journeys captured every day, it is pretty unachievable to replay a large volume of customer journeys to identity issues.

A more intelligent approach is needed. I’ve provided some top tips to stay on top of the customer experience during the busy periods:

Implement Customer Experience Analytics with Flagged Events

When choosing a customer experience analytics solution, one key requirement is the ability to create flagged events that look for particular indications of struggle behavior (e.g. errors, repeated payment attempts, restarting checkout etc.). These events are counted, aggregated and reports can then show trends over time of these events. Allied with email alerts, this provides early warning of customer experience issues and drills down to the customer sessions that matter.

Score the Customer Experience

UserReplay has come up with a unique way to numerically score the quality of customer experience. Using the basis of the flagged events described above, UserReplay can score both individual customers and the site as a whole in terms of the quality of experience. When these scores are measured over time, it is easier to spot sudden degradation in customer experience, and points you to the reasons for this – along with example journeys.

Actionable conversion funnels

Drill down from the key abandonment points in the funnel and understand the issues, allowing for further analysis from here. This has considerably more value and actionability than the static funnels that are typically used in web analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

Understand the Impact

Understanding customer issues is the first step but what eCommerce organizations really need to know is ‘How much will this cost my business?’. UserReplay provides a monetization summary that provides an ‘at-a-glance’ view of the revenue impact of the top customer experience issues. This will help prioritize which issues should be addressed first to minimize the impact of lost sales revenue.

If you are not currently taking a proactive approach to managing your online customer experience, don’t worry, you’re not alone. 71% of organizations believe lack of investment in this area is having an impact on their ability to grow, according to our recent research study, Counting the Cost of not Knowing. The good news is that the technology is available now to address this – so it is a great time to start your planning for the holiday season in 2016!

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