State of eCommerce 2021

Which eCommerce brands will be leading the way in 2021? (And how can you get ahead of the game?)

Keeping one eye on the competition is essential in business. Especially in eCommerce, where both the commercial opportunity and a user’s expectations are always on the rise.

But actually doing that competitor analysis? That’s another story.

If you don’t have time to research 2021’s biggest eCommerce brands and how they’re operating, don’t worry — because we’ve done it for you.

Download the eBook and discover all you need to know to outsmart the competition and safeguard your revenue.

In Depth Anaylsis
Compiling 100+ hours of dedicated, first-hand analysis of brands like Beauty Bay, Prada, and Walgreens
Best Practice Examples
A 2020 snapshot of 108 different brands across 11 key sectors
Fresh Ideas for 2021
Trace valuable customer journeys, from consideration to post-sales, to discover the best-performing tactics
Packed with client examples, our report answers the following burning questions:

➔ Which sectors are pushing forward (and which are lagging behind)?

➔ How are brands fighting to secure extra on-site sales?

➔ How common are chatbots adn video reviews really? And how are brands using them today?

➔ What role do loyalty schemes currently play?

➔ When it comes to returns, what’s a decent window of time — and how does that differ across sectors?

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